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7 days

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Sail on the crystal blue waters of Cyclades
7 days

Tour Details

Cyclades is a group of islands located at the Aegean Sea. They took their name after their position; they form a circle around the sacred island of Delos. Cyclades main characteristic is the white colour of houses and their rocky ground.

Suggested route

Day 1. Sounio & Kea (Tzia)

You will sail from the Marina to Kea, the first island you will visit during your cruise. After motoring one and a half hours (25NM), you have the option of anchoring in the Bay of Sounion and visiting the Temple of Poseidon. Cape Sounion signals the entrance to the Aegean Sea. You can swim, relax, and have lunch. Afterwards we continue our cruise for the island of Kea, 17 miles from Sounion. Kea is a quiet island, mostly barren with patches of cultivated and wooded land. Kea is characterized by little valleys with vineyards and orchards between mountainous masses leading to idyllic coves. The village of Vourkari, where you will be moored, is the most popular spot on the island. You will visit the beautiful “Chora,” the capital of the island located at the top of the hill. There, you will experience the tranquility of a traditional Cycladic town. In the evening, enjoy Greek cuisine at one of the fish restaurants in the small Bay of Vourkari.

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Day 2. Tinos & Mykonos

Our first stop is at the island of Tinos. Tinos is famous for its miracle-working icon of the Virgin Mary. Every year on the 15th of August, the island is a place of pilgrimage for Orthodox Christians from all over the world. The island’s twenty exquisite villages are unique examples of folk architecture. Also visit the dovecotes of Tinos, made of whitewashed, native stone, which are works of art. After sailing for 10 miles, you will reach Mykonos, the place with probably the most intensive nightlife in Greece. Depending on weather conditions, you may anchor in the main harbour, which, although crowded, busy, windy and noisy, is one of the most spectacular in the world.

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Day 3. Mykonos

One day is not enough to explore all the beauties of Mykonos. You will visit the golden beach of Agia Anna on the island’s south coast. You will spend the afternoon exploring the narrow streets of the town where charming chapels and picturesque taverns are nestled between folk art, jewellery and fur shops.

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Day 4. Delos & Paros

The next morning you will visit the magnificent ruins of the island of Delos. Delos was the most important political and religious centre of ancient Greece, the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. The oracle of Delos was second in fame only to Delphi, and consulted before making major decisions. The ruins and the museum are a must. Lunch, relaxation and swimming can be enjoyed in the emerald-coloured bay of Rhinia, a nearby island. In the evening, you will anchor in the Bay of Naoussa on the north side of Paros, with its beautiful sandy beaches. Naoussa is a quiet fishing village by day, with good restaurants and one of Greece’s best red wines. Nightlife in Naoussa lasts until dawn with a flood of music from its many outdoor bars and clubs.

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Day 5. Koufonissia & Antiparos

Koufonissia is the next stop on your Aegean cruise, two small islands in the heart of the Cyclades. Off the beaten path, away from the tourists’ spots, you will discover emerald waters, sandy beaches, smiling hospitable people, small white houses, picturesque narrow streets, spectacular coves for swimming in privacy, and plenty of fish. You can relax and enjoy lobsters, red mullets and fresh octopus, the beautiful beaches and tranquillity these islands offer. Don’t miss Venetsanos’s tavern on Kato Koufonissi where you can taste local specialties from the wild goats of Keros Island. The anchorage for lunch, swimming and relaxation on the fifth day of your tour will be a quiet spot between the islands of Antiparos and Despotico. You will reach the island of Sifnos in the evening, anchoring in Kamares, the main port, or staying overnight in a bay such as Vathy or Plati Gialos.

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Day 6. Sifnos

Sifnos is one of Greece’s most remarkable islands. A wealthy island in antiquity, Herodotus records that gold and silver mines made the islanders the wealthiest in Greece by the sixth century B.C. By the first century B.C. Sifniot pottery had become the community’s most successful export. Even today, its heat-resistant quality is particularly prized. There is a number of unique chimneys found on the island, and many homes incorporate tiles with local motif on their walls. The island is also famous for its chefs. Here, you can enjoy pork cooked in wine, mushrooms and herbs; rabbit stew; freshly cooked beetroot, or spicy vegetarian spaghettis. You can drink local wine in copper jugs and experience an unforgettable breakfast under shady trees on the waterfront. The Kastro, a medieval village, offers a spectacular, panoramic view.

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Day 7. Serifos

After a one-hour cruise from Sifnos, you will arrive at Serifos. A cluster of barren mountains dotted by small, fertile valleys provides an enchanting atmosphere where tiny houses, narrow stoned-paved streets, magical shores and a castle surrounded by windmills await you. The view from the Chora (main village) down to the bay and across the sea to neighbouring islands is worth the trip. Leaving Serifos in the afternoon, you will arrive in Athens after a three hour cruise, already imagining the timeless beauty of the many Aegean islands you didn’t have time to see on this journey, but can easily comeback for.

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  • Duration : 2 Days, 3 Nights
  • Person : 2 Person
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  • Price : €$750
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