Day 6. Sifnos

Announcement Date: 24/04/2017

Sifnos is one of Greece’s most remarkable islands. A wealthy island in antiquity, Herodotus records that gold and silver mines made the islanders the wealthiest in Greece by the sixth century B.C. By the first century B.C. Sifniot pottery had become the community’s most successful export. Even today, its heat-resistant quality is particularly prized. There is a number of unique chimneys found on the island, and many homes incorporate tiles with local motif on their walls. The island is also famous for its chefs. Here, you can enjoy pork cooked in wine, mushrooms and herbs; rabbit stew; freshly cooked beetroot, or spicy vegetarian spaghettis. You can drink local wine in copper jugs and experience an unforgettable breakfast under shady trees on the waterfront. The Kastro, a medieval village, offers a spectacular, panoramic view.