Booking for : Turkey: The Tale of an Underground City in Cappadocia
1 day

Turkey: The Tale of an Underground City in Cappadocia
1 day

Tour Details

Kaymakli an Underground City

Kaymakli is one of the largest underground cities in Cappadocia (eight stores). Today visitors can see only about 10% of the city descending up-to five floors. In the past, population of Kaymakli was estimated about 3000 inhabitants.

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Pigeon Valley

The locals used to use pigeons for sending messages and also for fertilizing grapes. Also, the valley has a wonderful panoramic view.

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Uchisar Rock Castle

Uchisar is a local fortress from which probably the town took its name. “Uc” means tip, and “hisar” fortress, so Uchisar is the fortress at the tip (of the vicinity) in Turkish language. This 60 mt. high ( 200ft ) fortress was carved out of a natural hill dominating the area with a breathtaking view of all the surrounding Cappadocian formations.

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Esentepe Panorama

Esentepe has the best panoramic view from which one can see the entire Goreme Village with its fairy chimneys, the rock formations and cave houses.

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Rose Valley

Rose valley is an isolated valley behind Urgup. It has beautiful rock formations with some great hidden rock-carved churches. The most interesting part of the area is the countless tracks forming a spider net that connects small villages with towns through vineyards and gardens. During the tour you will meet some of the villagers working in the area and probably they will offer you some grapes, apples or apricots.

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Executive Travel treat; Wine tasting at Turasan Wineyards.

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