Booking for : Turkey: Day of Art Lovers in Istanbul
1 day

    Turkey: Day of Art Lovers in Istanbul
    1 day

    Tour Details

    Visit of Archeological Museums of Istanbul

    The Istanbul Archeological Museums consists of three separate buildings; the Museum of Archeology, the museum of Oriental Antiquities and the Tile Pavilion. The sarcophagi of Alexander the great and the Mourning women , both of which are housed inside the museum, were the inspiration for the facade.

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    Coffee Break at the Garden of Archeological Museum

    After visiting the Archeology Museum, you will have a tea in the tea garden while sitting next to the museum’s historical artifacts.

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    Visit of Istanbul Contemporary Art & Modern Museum

    Turkey’s first privately owned museum devoted to the modern and contemporary arts is located on the European shores of the Bosphorus. Istanbul’s Modern Museum aim is to foster an appreciation for modern art among the general public.

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    Visit of Pera Museum

    The Pera Museum is housed in a building with a unique architecture. The museum hosts significant exhibitions during the year.

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    Where to Eat? Istanbul Modern Cafe – Turkish & Continental

    With magnificent views of the Bosphorus and the historic district of Istanbul, the Istanbul Modern Cafe invites both museum visitors and the public to its wide terrace and lively, elegantly designed interior to enjoy a relaxing meal selected from its cosmopolitan menu.

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