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9 days

    Meet the Cretan Art of Cooking
    9 days

    Tour Details

    The island of Crete has been renowned since antiquity for its healthful diet that is based on fresh locally sourced products—olive oil, fresh greens and herbs, pulses and cheeses.

    On this luxury wine tour of Crete, enjoy exclusive daily food and wine experiences hosted by top Greek chefs, winemakers and wine experts, including cooking lessons which illustrate the principles of the Cretan diet, private wine tastings, and gourmet wine dinners.

    You will also taste and discover well-crafted, food-friendly wines with personality, and savor authentic Greek and Cretan dishes at every turn, as you dine in traditional village taverns, and acclaimed gourmet restaurants.

    Enjoy the island’s warm hospitality and revel in its stunning natural beauty—from its majestic mountains to its rolling vineyards and picturesque coastline.

    The tour is led by two tour guides, one of who is a trained oenologist and the other an experienced tour operator.

    Tours are conducted in English. French and Greek speaking tours are available upon request.

    Days 1-2. Athens

    Our tour begins with a guided walking tour of the temples, theaters, and monuments of ancient Athens. We will also enjoy a hands-on cooking lesson and lunch at one of Athens oldest and most acclaimed taverns, known for its modern interpretations of classic Greek dishes, such as taramosalata, as well as seafood. Our time in Athens includes a very special wine tasting dinner hosted by one of the world’s leading Greek wine experts, who will lead a tasting of the important indigenous grape varietals and wine regions of Greece and Crete. Accommodations: 5* luxury hotel in Athens City Center with Acropolis views. On Day 3, transfer by air to the island of Crete.

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    Days 3-9. Crete

    While in Crete, we will learn the principles of the island’s celebrated diet through daily cooking lessons with skilled chefs and visits to artisanal producers of honeys, cheeses, and olive oils. In Chania, we will tour the town’s Venetian harbor and food and spice market, and visit one of the top wineries on the island for a tasting and dinner. Guests will also have the opportunity to pick fresh mountain greens and prepare a delicious Cretan meal with these and other local ingredients. From Chania, transfer by luxury bus to the center of the island, where we will visit an important Minoan palace and tour the charming seaside town of Rethymnon. In Rethymnon, guests will have the opportunity to participate in a hands-on cooking lesson and wine tasting at one of Crete’s most acclaimed restaurants, known for its devotion to organic, locally sourced ingredients. Accommodations: Luxury boutique hotels in Old Town Chania and Arkadi.

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