Booking for : Greenland: Kangerlussuaq
4 days

    Greenland: Kangerlussuaq
    4 days

    Tour Details

    Day 1. Arrival at Kangerlussuaq, West Greenland

    Just above the airport sits the biggest Ice cap in the world Greenland glacier. Check into our accommodation. Hotel Kangerlussuaq is the airport hotel for northern Greenland. The airport and town of Kangerlussuaq lie at the end of the big Kangerlussuaq fjord, about 200 km away from the coast, yet just a few minutes away from the Greenlandic ice cap. This unique location and the surrounding lush landscape, in which herds of wild reindeer and musk ox roam, and the northern lights illuminate the night skies, make it a favourite place for tourists in the summer as well as during the winter. Kangerlussuaq lies at the base of a 160-kilometre (100-mile) long fjord of the same name, which appropriately enough means “the long fjord”. Kangerlussuaq has a very stable climate with warm dry summers and cold clear winter days which are perfect for dogsled trips and not least for experiencing the northern lights. With around 300 days a year under cloudless skies, Kangerlussuaq is one of the best places in the world from which to see the northern lights, especially during autumn and winter. Once you got away from the illuminated buildings and streetlights, you just have to tip your head back and enjoy the spectacular shades of yellow, green and red illuminating the sky. Kangerlussuaq was originally an American airbase built in 1941 under the name Bluie West 8. However, as a result of technological development, the base lost its military importance and in the 1990s was handed over to Greenland’s Home Rule. Light walk in the small arctic town. Special visit to the children school. See the inuite kids studing. Visit to the local church.

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    Day 2. Dog Sledge Safari

    They day starts with a good breakfast and then we rush out for some Musk Ox safari. There is plenty of wildlife around Kangerlussuaq, including one of the world’s largest populations of musk oxen, which is in fact not in the ox family, but is a species of sheep. We drive through the beautiful tundra landscape by bus, where the guide tells about the musk ox and its story in the area. The musk ox lives wildly in the area around Kangerlussuaq and can move everywhere freely. Whether we can come close the musk ox’s, or simply look at them from some distance, is not predictable. But the guide always brings binoculars, so there is a very good chance to see these amazing animals and other wildlife in the area. Over night at a expedition camp on the Icecap. (guides advice).

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    Day 3. Snowmobile Safari

    The tour starts after breakfast. The snowmobile awaits us at the camp. We drive through the varied landscape to the edge of the ice cap. There are good possibilities of spotting reindeer en route, and depending upon the season of the year. The tour goes into the tundra on our way back to the hotel in Kangerlussuaq. Estimated time of arrival mid afternoon.

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    Day 4. Departure

    Breakfast at the hotel Kangerlussuaq. Transfer to airport for departure by own plane to Iceland. Check into our hotel in Reykjavik. Free day in Reykjavik No service.

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