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4 days

    Greenland: Igloo Village
    4 days

    Tour Details

    Day 1. Visit an Igloo Village

    After breakfast at the hotel, we will drive (approximately 10 minutes) to the Reykjavik Domestic Airport, where we will board a plane to Scoresbysund in Greenland, the longest fjord in the world. The flight over to Greenland takes approx.2 hours, so we will be landing on the airport at Constable Point around 10:00 local time, as the time difference between Iceland and Greenland is two hours. We will start by meeting with our local guides, who will go through all necessary equipment needed for the expeditions ahead, as well as how to behave around the teams of sled-dogs, which are waiting for us outside the airport, and around the local wild life. Next we jump onto the sleds which will take us out into the frozen fjord on our way to our Base camp for the next couple of days: the Igloo village. The sled trip to the Igloo village will take approx. 4 hours, and we will enjoy the magnificent landscape on the way, mountains on one side and gigantic icebergs on the other. All the time you have to be on the look-out for the local wild life; you never know what kind of creatures you can run into on the ice. We will stop a few times on the way to take a closer look at what we experience, and maybe climb a mountain hill or an iceberg. When we arrive at the Igloo village late in the afternoon we start by settling into the Igloos and putting our gear away, two people in each Igloo. Then it is time to prepare dinner as it is starting to get dark (remember the days are short at this time of the year within the Arctic Circle). After dinner we can take short orientation walks from the base camp to get to know the surrounding area, and before we turn in for the night we exchange stories of our wilderness experiences over a glass of cocoa with rum.

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    Day 2.Discovering the Polar Bear

    After a good night’s sleep in the Igloos, we start day two in Greenland with a good breakfast; you will need the energy for the active day ahead of you. This day will be dedicated to discovering the most fearsome creature in the world, the Polar Bear. We will drive out into the ice on our dog-sleds and head towards the area our local guides have scouted Polar bears in the recent days. Out on the ice we might be able to witness some of the other arctic wildlife; Arctic foxes, arctic hare, Musk oxen, wolves, seals and even walruses. We will have lunch somewhere out on the ice. We will stop to monitor and take pictures of the animals we come across on our way, and if we meet up with Polar bears (which is very likely) we will have to be very careful and keep a certain distance between them and us for security reasons. Before sunset we will head back to the Igloo village for another overnight stay. After dinner we can share brand-new stories about what we experienced during the day before turning in for the night.

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    Day 3. At the Inuites’ village

    After breakfast on Day three we again jump onto the dog-sleds. Now we are going to visit the local people, the Inuites. Our first destination is an old deserted village, Cap Tobin. We will walk among the abandoned houses of this ghost village. We will have lunch somewhere along the way. We will drive our dog-sleds further along the coastline until we reach the village of Ittoqqortoormiit, where we will stay for our last night in Greenland. Check in at the local guesthouse and settle our luggage in our rooms. We will then have a chance to walk around the village and inspect how the Inuites live, see the local grocery stores as well as hunt for souvenirs at local arts & crafts shops. After spending some time mingling with the natives we will come together for a dinner at the guesthouse, prepared by our group leaders.

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    Day 4. Departure

    After breakfast, groups will be transported back to the airport by a helicopter. This 15 minutes flight is really something; flying in between the breathtaking mountains, along the coastline and over the beautiful frozen fjord from where you started your trip. Around 11:00 local time we will fly back to Iceland, arriving in Reykjavik around 15:00 local time.

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    • Duration : 2 Days, 3 Nights
    • Person : 2 Person
    • Availability : 40
    • Price : €$750
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