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5 days

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Cruising the Ionian waters
5 days

Tour Details

Ionian Islands include many tiny and bigger islands located in the Ionian Sea. The most known among them is Eptanisa, a group of Islands that includes Kefalonia, Corfu, Zakinthos, Lefkada, Ithaca, Kithira and Paxoi. Ionian Islands are green and lush with olive groves, pastures and forests of pine trees. The Islands passed consecutively from Venetian, Turkish and British rule that have left their imprint to their architecture and culture till today.

Suggested route

Day 1. Athens – Nafpaktos

Departure from Athens, stop for a quick swim and lunch on board at Loutraki Bay passing through the Corinth Canal. We then continue to Nafpaktos and anchor in the small port underneath the old castle that dates back to the 6th century.

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Day 2. Nafpaktos – Zakinthos

Cruise to Zakinthos where we will enjoy our swimming at one of the most famous and photographed beaches of Greece; the notorious wreck of the alleged smuggler ship ‘Panagiotis’. Limestone cliffs, white sand and clear blue Ionian water provide a breathtaking scenery. After a delicious lunch on board we cruise to Zakinthos main port for the night.

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Day 3. Zakinthos – Kefalonia

We continue our cruise to Kefalonia, stopping at Mirtos Bay which has been voted as one of the top five beaches of Greece for several consecutive years. We will then cruise to picturesque Fiskardo, the best spot in north Kefalonia, the only village that has maintained its traditional architecture.

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Day 4. Kefalonia – Corfu

We make a stop for a dive at Sivota, a pleasant and quiet harbor with marvelous turquoise waters. We will then cruise to Corfu with its old city surrounded by walls keeping untouched the Venetian architecture till today. The port is underneath the city and the castle, and one has a spectacular view from here.

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Day 5. Corfu – Paxoi

After breakfast we depart for Antipaxoi where we stop for a relaxing swim. This small island has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Ionian, with sparkling white sand and magnificent crystal blue waters. After playing with the fantastic water toys, and being served a fantastic lunch on board we stay overnight at Paxoi Port.

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Additional Info

  • Duration : 2 Days, 3 Nights
  • Person : 2 Person
  • Availability : 40
  • Price : €$750
  • Location : Dhaka, Bangladesh

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