Days 3-9. Peloponnese

Announcement Date: 16/05/2017
  • From Athens, we embark on a memorable epicurean journey to the unspoiled Peloponnese. We will first travel to the southern Peloponnese, where we will visit the abandoned walled city of Mystras (once home to Emperors of Byzantium), and the
    picturesque walled town of Monemvasia on the Aegean Sea.
  • Our accommodations are an elegant boutique hotel overlooking the sea (once a castle during Medieval times). On its lovely outdoor terrace, our guests will participate in hands-on cooking lessons and learn to make traditional dishes such as fish soup made from seawater and spoon sweets. You will also be treated to expert-led tastings of the region’s wines.
  • From our base near Momenvasia, guests may choose to return to Athens (where your tour ends) or continue with the second phase of the tour on the picturesque northeastern coast of the Peloponnese.
    Along the northeastern coast, our base will be one of Greece’s most luxurious resorts with stunning views of the sea and nearby islands. From here, we will explore the wine regions of Mantinea and Nemea. Our guests will enjoy the second private wine tasting and gourmet dinner hosted by a famous Greek wine expert.
  • There will be time to relax in the hotel’s wonderful spa and visit ancient Epidaurus before returning to Athens, where the second phase of our tour ends.