Day 5. Sigtuna Visit

Announcement Date: 30/05/2017

A day tour in Stockholm’s countryside. Visit the well known destination of Sigtuna – Sweden’s first town. This little place has it all – history, beauty and exciting tales to tell. A guide will bring you on an historical journey, taking you through themes of history, famous writers, and tales of the many runic stones or the history of the churches. Lunch at one of the restaurants in Sigtuna. After lunch, visit the Steininge Palace – “Sweden’s most beautiful Baroque building”, the pièce de résistance of Nicodemus Tessin, architect and designer of the Royal Palace in Stockholm. Steninge Palace was built in 1705, and includes exquisite buildings surrounded by a Baroque garden. This historical environment forms the basis of a cultural centre designed to keep Swedish and other Nordic crafts and traditions alive. Return to Stockholm in the evening, with dinner at Den Gyldene Freden.