Day 3. Snowmobile Safari in Rovaniemi

Announcement Date: 30/05/2017

Your guide will meet you at the hotel after you pick up the thermal clothing needed for today’s safari. A short walk down to the river shore, where the snowmobiles are waiting and an experienced guide will give driving instructions and inform the participants of the safety rules. The safari starts along the river Ounasjoki towards a local reindeer farm where, after taking part in the mysterious Arctic Circle crossing ceremony, a reindeer ride is also good fun! And the best part, everyone can obtain the official reindeer driving license! At this farm, the group will also hear about the oldest livelihood in Lapland: reindeer herding. Lunch of sautéed reindeer will be served at the reindeer farm. After lunch, the safari continues to the local husky farm, where friendly huskies are waiting for hugs! Get to know these lovely arctic animals, their daily lives and training. Everyone will also have a short go on a sled pulled by a team of huskies. After the ride, the safari continues back to city.