Day 2.Discovering the Polar Bear

Announcement Date: 09/06/2017

After a good night’s sleep in the Igloos, we start day two in Greenland with a good breakfast; you will need the energy for the active day ahead of you. This day will be dedicated to discovering the most fearsome creature in the world, the Polar Bear. We will drive out into the ice on our dog-sleds and head towards the area our local guides have scouted Polar bears in the recent days. Out on the ice we might be able to witness some of the other arctic wildlife; Arctic foxes, arctic hare, Musk oxen, wolves, seals and even walruses. We will have lunch somewhere out on the ice. We will stop to monitor and take pictures of the animals we come across on our way, and if we meet up with Polar bears (which is very likely) we will have to be very careful and keep a certain distance between them and us for security reasons. Before sunset we will head back to the Igloo village for another overnight stay. After dinner we can share brand-new stories about what we experienced during the day before turning in for the night.