Day 1. Arrival Ilulissat

Announcement Date: 08/06/2017

Arrival by own plane King Air 200 or simular to Ilulissat (JAV) Illullisat. The location of Ilulissat is breathtaking – all year round huge icebergs raising more than hundred meters above sea level are stranded at the mouth of the fiord. These icebergs are all products of the mighty and most productive glacier in the northern hemisphere; The Ilulissat Glacier daily gives birth to 20 million tons of ice which also explain why it is included on the World Heritage list. Transfer to Hotel welcome and information meeting. In the afternoon we take a walk through the town with a guide who tells us about the history of Ilulissat. We visit the old part of town with buildings from the very start of the Danish trading station, the busy fishing harbour, the old church and the museum. After the City Walk, Fiord Cruise comes next. The Ice Fjord contains one of the biggest and most active glaciers in the world. Its 3,000 square kilometer area advances at a rate of 20 meters per day. The glacier “calves” about 10 % of the inland ice that is pressed out into the sea. All this means that the Ice Ford – off Ilulissat – is like a park full of sculptures constantly changing. Shapes, colours and sounds from the ice mountains are hard to forget – you are an eyewitness to a totally enchanting natural phenomenon.